Birds sunset

I wished I was not a poet.

And I am not a famous man.

And I expressed my expropriated feel.

To a beautiful bird always sunken.

In my minds and wake up eyes.

So I surrounded by beautiful bracelets.

And in the circle of universe I am circling.

Left the bad times.

I am cut the substantial statuaries

So I spoke with unfair words.


I swear I have not crossed the line.

And sent fancy words over the sea.

The fancy from able pen.

The meaning in my heart

And on my lips are patience.

And something in my chest, I am guarding

One the papers and copybooks are virtuous.

And with lofty feeling alone I am flying

So I become

for all women I am snubbing.

I swear

for all women I am snubbing.

Because I am just for her a reverence.

May be she …

Believed my babbling, just words.

Or just rain talk.

On the white lined sheets

So in everything I excused her.

Because my heart is large and mantling.

And there'll not be another splitting.

Because my soul is present only for her.

You are a flower

There are no one looking like her.