Calling the soul

For you I freed what in my chest.

For you I catch my pen till dawn.

In writing, I am relaxed and feel proud.

And in talking about you with myself it is a victory.

You are in my mind no matter how long you travel.

Because you.

Release the free man from his aerie.

And you are alone my patience.

Oh my beloved,

I have not shown all that is in my package.

And I am not fulfilling my act.

Because it is high rose sense.

To show you, your status my bird.

My beloved is,

A bird flying with my fate.

She is a flower more expensive than generous stone.

But her effect is like a generous stone.

In my heaven she is alone full moon.

Because you are adore, love and a secret passion.

When I remember you.

I drink clean water like alcohol.

Because you are in my mind.

Just you, the flower in my age.

Your words fire myself.

The God has ability to know me.

And he alone gives me the fee.


All creations are witnesses.

I love her till judgement day.