Captive of the night

You are a sweet which:

Own my heart in moment of civilization.

And invade my mind against all orders.

And control my soul without waiting.

And made my eyes pass great tears.

So I became,

In the roads, vertigo and like aimless.

Flying high in the heaven, above the desert.


Announcing, there is a prison for free men.

Without fingerprint or ink.

Without fingerprint or ink.

With my severity for longing after absence.

At night, my heart surrounded by shroud and fog.

In daytime, my body burning by torment.

Dreaming and watching from far the mirage.

So I

Lifted all flags

And ready to bury my soul under the soil.

I am laughing and saying:

All for my dear.

I swear in those virgin eyes.

Which stole my mind and think.

I am surrounded by homage to the goodness flower.