The Confidence

Sit my precious and be assured.

I'll not be greedy.

For the real green in your eyes.

Those robbed my mind and ideas.

Because I find you after times.

And mortgaged my age for you after years.

And I carried your picture and voice on my travels.

Till I reached the place.

The God of world knew the cases.

So you are.

Putting myself in the embers.

My mind and my heart in devotion are riotous.

And my hands and body for you, are loyal.

And you.

Fired the candle of love in many colours.

In the dignified desert and passengers.

And still the best visitor between two groups.

Is adore strumming like violins?

I understood everything in two looks.

I hoped my love appear in your two eyes.

I tried to steal few words from two books.

Immediately got angry at myself.

And my pen can not write two characters.

Because your love just to your boyfriend and parents.

And you deserved panel from most famous artist.

Because you are a symbol of love and faithful forever.

And deserved my immortal love and adoration.

I asked the God to save you.

In any part of this place.

Happy and pleased from my lovesick heart.

And all problems pass easy and unnoticed.

Flying up through the air like smoke.

When I am close to you I feel I'm in paradise.

And see everything in colour.

Oh from this drooling.

I want to be between the valleys.

Screaming so that my voice appear in two parts.

Because your name passes in my arteries.

And you.

Will never be a part of oblivion.

We are racing to talk to you.

Dimension is a time and after easy.

In God's grace, gracious creator.

The owner of everything and two worlds.

The hidden world and phantom.

And world war and peace for everyone.

My words went out of conscience.

Over the flying white birds.

Send kind, smooth and passion letters.

To my heart's love, this person.