The Confusion

Thrown at me the destinies.

That days in the desert.

To meet the jewelry flowers.

I felt like a child.

Speak always about the choices.

And I want short answers.

Those vigil eyes.

Constantly and Beautiful always.

So I suffered from iteration.

Thinking of approaching the fire.

And I don't like to play the act.

To destroy the hearts of blonds.

And break up the dreams of blacks.

So I suffered from iteration.

From beautiful eyes I saw again.

So I aloud my love.

To this girl which put a point.

And envy me each young old man.

Because she.

Broke all baileys.

And stimulated hot dream.

And occupied a fearless heart

So I became.

From shying, I hide my eyes.

Watching the sweeter ages.

And remember your picture on the moon.


So I put different kinds of baileys.

And I tethered myself by beautiful restrictions.

And I couldn't crossed the borders.


I left everything behind me.

And I don't care about the other cases.

And confused in mirror's view.

Due to the topic of aesthetic.

In first contact.

My tongue couldn't speak...

And activated my tired mind.

And laugh my sad heart.

And I thought.

I thought each second.

To send a sweeter peace.

To this fantastic smile.