Groans from the north

Some winds in my chest, I launched.

On the white leaves, I dropped.

Letters turned in to words and I felt.

Such longing ,nostalgia and tears, I stopped.

For her the dimensions and distances, I've overcome.

For her the words, I've freed.

So, I announced.

I do not deny my feelings for her.

In the place I met her, I lit up.

The candle of love, I located.

Meaning, in love and likes, I wrote.

Pigments of my fingers, I painted.

Brush, pen and colour, I drew.

Certainly not to be photographed.

I imagine I witnessed divine creations.

So, I.

In adoration, I drank.

Fresh dawns air, I inspired.

In her bad and good memories, I laughed.

And the lake as a witness, I cried.

The greatest of Allah for dignity, I said.

The greatest of Allah for love, I said.

With the morning moon, I sent.

Prints made by my hands and I knew.

The dimension is easy I thought.

But after the meeting, I could not resist.

With dimension and everything, I continued.

The jealousy in my heart, was not killed .

Because I am a man who worked and appreciated.

The flower I dreamed of.

Between forest and snow falling, I remembered.

Beautiful lips, I allowed.

Words on the papers, I explained.

Her heart pulsed when my hand touched.

It was a wonderful hour, I kissed.

I felt in the honey of her lips such abundant joy.

My manhood appeared in the sky and I flew.

My hands and soul opened.

So all women after her, I 'll forsake.

And all girls, I'll ignore.

I made all people around me crazy.

Because she was always in my mind, I imagined.

My God you alone planted.

The goodness and tenderness created.

And to your command , yes I said.

And I 've chosen.

The love and peace for the people I gave.

Whatever I'd suffered.

My beloved.

I swore to you, I devoted.

Passion and love last long and I'll wait.

And all limits and orders, I obeyed.

Just for you, I would do anything.


In your laugh, the love ignites.

And the phone message started the fire.

And your conversation, I couldn't talk.


My soul was the gift I gave.