Groovier Dungeons

Honesty spoken to the stronger men.

After we met, I became one of the trembling men.

And put in my chest, a medal of victories.

From a whisper of helpers

Listen to me and you all will witness

Above the law I walked as felons.


Above the law I walked as felons.

Carried with me the memory of sweeter immortals.

With fulfilled promises and dedication like fighters.

To the flower more beautiful than jasmine.

She knows, if the God of the Universe wants.

I keep my confidence like veracious men.

So I was walking in the streets aimlessly.

Being observed from single young eyes.

Muttering courts and domains.

Tried to ask me about the groovier dungeons

They do not understand, it is best for those who are in love.

You are still in young love.

The sweetest things, when the question come out defensively.

And see yourself under pressure and accusation.

From wonderful hearts, vision from colonies.


The prosecution means. I am in her grasp.

And I shouldn't be rebellious.

Adoration is the honest topic between a couple in love

In love and adoration, she is the best teacher

And I envied the adolescent students.

In schools which teaches troubled students

Because she sees.

The beautiful things, through teachers eyes.

And she will definitely not be forgotten

In our first talk, she enquired.

About the deserts dignity and freedom for those who are involved

In the place just for weak civil people.

And no one comes close, just those in real need of it.

And you can see many elderly.

And flowers of earth and paradise who were breast fed.

Questions in their own eyes of fear and humble.

And find who are asking of all ages.

In her question in this place.

I am flying with happiness and dreaming away like singers

Because this event still in my arteries.

and it is hard not be the questioner.

About eyes, all of we allows.

Aloud without fear viewers.

I am in her adore, become one of those who fasts