High Spirit

My heart was protect me like a shield.

Hard iron and difficult to bend.

And I was feeling a overpeering which has a high glory.

Every one, knew this.

Later, I talked with a girl.

My heart laughed and my way lighted.

I felt there are something like the apocalypse.

So I flew high singing towards the heavens.

Forgetting all hardship.

I left the universe which is full of women.

And I'll always feel with good things.

Because I remembered her gentle touch.

And I knew the way, I would survive love.

When she's gone…

I 'm feeling different.

And I cannot take action.

And I do not know how to complete my performance.

And I submerge myself in sorrow.

And I would like to subject myself to the expensive call.

But I cannot..

Because I'm jealous of that beloved blond.

And I want to request a judging.

Because her words are likes lessons for ignorant people.

She is …

Faithful in all ways.

And the title to each couples.

And does not know any untruthfulness.

When I talk to her…

There is something motivating me to stay.

When, where and how she desires.


When, where and how she desires.

My hands, eyes and soul are distracted.

Became attributed to the ruins.

I spoke and I heard and listen.

For her high modest soul I see prosperity.

She destroys all forms of hostility.

Because she is a symbol of love.

And I always feel proud of my graciousness boast.

Thank you Allah for this charge.

Because you put me in a battle like Karbala.

More strong than Karbala.

More powerful than Karbala.

And I am praising you for this illness.

Because she is a medicine.

And she will heal me.