Prayer from the heart

I wished to be one of the students.

In the classes which finds the wonderful things.

And pleased to drink torment each morning.

In watched and saw the beautiful grapes.

I am proud in front of all friends.

And my head held high in front of relatives.

And over peering in front of companies.

Because she is a place

Above the clouds.

I get dizzy from thinking about her and I do not want answers.

Because finally I found her between the people.

And the love came down in my heart like wine.

And I knew.

The difference between love, the life and the playing like wolves.

And how?

become an acute and rigid and hard attack.

And when?

Become calm and bully with dogs.

Imagine I do not know the reasons.

May be because I drank Arab's faithful.

Or her love not like others love.

And for her.

I have ability to cut all nicks.

The God of the sky.

I put up my hands and I beg you.

This prayer just for beauty.

deported all rusting.

And put the smile in her lips forever.

And light her way and deport a darkness far.

A nd to reach the high places.

And make me cry.

And deport the cry from her.

Because she deserves a elegising.

Yes, she deserves a elegising.

And she'll win in any vote.

Because she is beauty and smooth like water.

And she breaks scholars pens.

Because she is sharp cleverness.

All of this

She is between thorns the flower.

Deserved in each minute sacrifice.

And in her life the deaths are lives.


the green land

and blue sky.

And you

Who are sitting and who are the weaknesses lake.

And the God of all prophets.

And who owns aphorism and all lieges.

In addition to malady.

And far away from all against.

And in front of honourable people.

And I'm the falcon of the sky.

I am obligated in devotion.

Till the day of demise.

For the immortality eyes.