Question mark

I forgot myself.

And my hot tear on my cheek.

I wonder…

What is the nice seemed thing?

And is my heat becoming complained?

And, are men just unaware words?

I don't know….

So damn this hard life.

Which the adoration is

Just by normal tongue.

They said,

This girl is bright.

And this is amateur sex.

And others are like honey and expensive.

And I said:

All are none immortals.

Because the love in the high sky.

And I went…

I went and dreamed of luxury princess.

Between the streets waves.

Until I reached narrator's lake.

Looking at shine starts.

And the white full moon.

Laughing with me and crying.

Optimistic and comforting.

The goodness in myself went.

Thought of quick fall kiss.

And a medication hug.

By my pen's walk.

Which solidity hotness writing alone.

About the comforting lake.

Which has been there for the last centuries.

Times unified and other times was bloody.

So I screamed from my apparent place.

Without orbital fear.

I repeated and repeated.

No answer just my comforting lake.

No answer just my comforting lake.