The Hope

I'm writing the finest sentences.

From my heart the best splices.

And in my life there is no one like you.

I don't know about women's love.

Because I don't play the game of loneliness

And I don't wish to be unjust.

From this mountain.

And from this mountain.

Which from strikers is not overburden.

I said…

From my strong longing I shy.

and in front of people and asking papers.

My tears filled this branch.

She's remaining and still.

Like a flower in bloom which does not wilt.

I tried to remember the kisses

So I am afraid to get agitated.

And in speech I flared.

And I'm afraid

That she from my emotion became sad.


I swear, I'm afraid that she from my emotion became sad.

But I kidnapped the best hope.

From her lips fluid like honey.

And I still asking.