The Move of the Darling

In thought of our difficult encounter.

Her whispers like wind in my chest.

So I travelled flying high.

I cross Casablanca.

And I passed the red Marrakesh.

And I laid down on yellow beaches of Agadir.

Sun, sand and many fiery sights.

The deep sea has many secrets.

Words of human survival cross my mind.

A faithful brother and friend .

From the south.

Which has tough men.

And words that express pride.

He gave me advise and prayers.

Free of charge and full of hope.

So I raising my sail and ride the seas.

From the virgin beaches.

To the point of the blue sea.

Carried the memory of a beauty.

Memory of the blond.

My beloved is a brown.

So, I dropped the mask off my face.

And ruptured the membranes.

And my fate appeared in front of them all.

Tears of happiness or pain.

So the men of the men.

Known and are certain.

With truth, fate and love we are coming.

Just for the true men.

And I'm for her still awake all nights.

She owns my pen.

My words for her are a certitude.

I put myself in jail after many years.

I was not a prisoner in those years.

I was a liberator for all liberators.

And my darling and my passion was idle in myself.

Her words burn all.

And she threw the seeds of the jailers.

So, I wrote with precious ink.

And the nostalgia in my heart

Declaring to all concerned

My heart and all the years.

My age in resonance.

All for the Jasmine Flower.